Chair's report February 2021: from RACGP-led training to an advanced CPD platform

5/03/2021 Written by Ms Christine Nixon APM

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Chair's report February 2021: from RACGP-led training to an advanced CPD platform

At its February meeting, the RACGP Board continued its analysis of key strategic items of importance to the members, including RACGP-led training, membership engagement and the membership renewal process, as well as the development of a state-of-the-art continuing professional development (CPD) platform.

The CPD platform is in an advanced stage of development and will also include an app for mobile use.

The Board also discussed the COVID-19 national vaccination strategy, which is an area in which the President, CEO and others have been actively advocating with state and federal Governments to ensure GPs are appropriately engaged in delivery and governance of the rollout. We discussed specific concerns about ensuring the timing and documentation of the vaccine provision and consent processes are well managed, and that higher risk groups, such as people aged over 65, are properly considered.

The Board received an update on the client relationship management system being introduced at the RACGP. This is a key software enabler to streamlining, customising and improving communication with members.

The Board also received updates from the committees that have convened this year. The Nominations and Remuneration Committee, chaired by Associate Professor Charlotte Hespe, has expanded its terms of reference to include people and culture. As such, it is now the People, Culture, Nominations and Remuneration Committee. This is an important step in the Board working with CEO Dr Matthew Miles and the management team on ensuring that key people and culture metrics are reported and monitored.

Prior to the next meeting in March, the Board is planning to convene to continue assessing our position and options in relation to the RACGP-led training project.

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