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‘An incredible moment in each of your careers’

28/09/2021 Written by Paul Hayes

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‘An incredible moment in each of your careers’

With GPs having administered more than half of Australia’s 26 million COVID vaccine doses to date, general practice further solidifies its position as the backbone of the rollout every day.
Speaking in a video recorded for Australia’s GPs, Federal Health Minister has recognised all of the hard work that takes.
‘I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our GPs for your amazing work during the course of the COVID vaccine rollout,’ he said in the video. ‘I know it’s challenging and it’s tough, and there are many frustrations, but you’ve saved lives on an enormous scale.
‘Every life is fundamental, but you have saved tens of thousands of lives with your work through the pandemic, and particularly through the vaccination program.
‘It really is the reason why so many of you would have gone into general practice, to be able to make this difference.
‘In the coming weeks, there’s another chance to make a massive difference.’
With millions of doses of Pfizer set to be delivered into Australia next month and beyond, Minister Hunt has asked GPs to dig a little deeper and contact people who might not otherwise connect with the health system and get them vaccinated.
‘I understand it may be a little bit of additional work,’ he said. ‘These cohorts, we know, ordinarily may not engage with the health system as much, so your work can protect them, it can protect the community.’


As of 25 September, Australia had delivered 26,660,961 total vaccine doses, with 13,674,889 of those administered in general practice.
Last Friday marked a major milestone in Australia’s vaccine rollout, with more than 50% of people aged 16 and older becoming fully vaccinated. In addition, 21% of Australians aged 12–15 have received at least one dose of vaccine.
Watch the full video.

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