Member accessable databases



College members have direct access to EBSCOHost, a web-based database which gives full-text access to hundreds of health-related articles and relevant journals. The articles are in PDF or HTML format. 


College members have direct access to Proquest, supplying full-text access to hundreds of health-related articles and relevant journals. PDF or HTML format.

Informit AustHealth databases

The Informit health collection includes full text articles from over 50 Australasian journal titles, reports and case studies of relevance to anyone studying or working in therapeutic, diagnostic and preventative health roles. Articles in PDF format.

Evidence matters

Found on the Proquest website,  medical evidence matters is an online healthcare knowledge management system to assist decision makers in their treatment choices for patients. Provides quick and easy access to evidence extracted from research articles on particular topics.

Cochrane Library

With a collection of six databases that contain different types of high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making, The Cochrane Library is a key resource in evidence-based medicine, and is one of the most highly regarded sources of evidence about the effects of healthcare interventions.


Members have access to a customised version of PubMed which provides links to many full-text articles supplied by EBSCOHost and Proquest.


The Bandolier website includes the Bandolier Journal, essays and the Bandolier Knowledge, which collects good quality evidence under a variety of different headings. Bandolier searches for systematic reviews of treatments, of evidence about diagnosis, epidemiology or health economics, and abstracts it. Last updated in 2010.

TRIP database

The TRIP database allows users to rapidly and easily identify high quality evidence based medical literature from a wide range of sources.


SUMSearch selects the best resources for your question, formats your question for each resource, and makes additional searches based on results. SUMSearch combines meta-searching and contingency searching in order to automate searching for medical evidence.


Evidence-based databases

Evidence based databases to guide clinical decisions at the point of care



College members can access this evidence-based clinical reference tool created for use by doctors and other health care professionals for use primarily at the 'point-of-care'.  DynaMed provides clinically-organised summaries for more than 3,000 topics.

PubMed clinical queries

From the clinical queries page you can search by a clinical study category, find systematic reviews and run medical genetics searches.


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