New resources

New resources

Below are links and guides to new resources obtained recently by the Library. If you are experiencing an issue accessing any of the library’s resources, please contact the Library on (03) 8699 0519 or email


Access Every doctor here.

The second edition of Every doctor: Healthier doctors = healthier patients by Leanne Rowe , Vitangi Abeygunawardana and Michael (CRC Press, 2023) has recently been added to the library’s EBC ebook collection.

This new edition advocates for a transformational change in the way doctors protect their mental health, look out for their colleagues, co-create a kinder, more humane work culture and lead health system reform. With poignant and hopeful stories and quotes from a diverse array of doctors from many different specialities and at all career stages, the book is a celebration of the growing global interconnectedness and the changing face of the medical profession.


Access The thriving doctor here.

A new EBC ebook recently added to the library’s collection is: The thriving doctor: How to be more balanced and fulfilled working in medicine by Psychologist Sharee Johnson (Hambone Publishing 2021) . The author’s hope for the Thriving doctor is that it will help doctors to take better care of themselves first – only then can they really provide excellent care to patients, and that doctors will use it to build and enhance their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.


Access the 8th version of John Murtagh’s general practice companion handbook here.

A new edition (8th) of John Murtagh’s general practice companion handbook has been published – members can access the ebook version via the Murtagh Collection (RACGP website login required).

The companion handbook is a condensed version of the parent text John Murtagh’s general practice and this new edition includes an emphasis on mental health; infectious disease (including respiratory distress with reference to coronaviruses); women’s health and cardiology. In addition, there is an expansion of Murtagh’s diagnostic strategies for common presenting symptoms and the ‘triad and tetrad’ aide-memoire strategy to guide the diagnosis of specific conditions.

The revised companion also includes several useful checklists, flow charts and diagrams that can be readily accessed by the busy general practitioner.


Access How to do primary care educational research here.

A new ebook recently added to the library’s EBC collection is: How to do primary care educational research: a practical guide by Mehmet Akman, Valerie Wass, Felicity Goodyear-Smith (Milton: Taylor and Francis Group, 2021). This practical ‘how to’ guide supports those planning, conducting and disseminating primary care educational research. It focuses on inter-professional education, co-design and participatory research approaches, reflecting current primary care models of care involving inter-disciplinary teams, and is broad in scope exploring the research environments in the contexts of undergraduate teaching, postgraduate training, and continuing professional development for academics and educators at all levels. It includes a particularly useful introduction to the processes of literature review – and chapters on choosing a topic and defining your research questions; and choosing the right methodology to answer your question.


Access Psychosomatic medicine, 2nd edition here.

Members can now access Psychosomatic medicine: an international guide for the primary care setting edited by Kurt Fritzsche and others (2nd edition, Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2020) as an ebook on the EBC platform. This text on psychosocial problems is written for general practitioners, nursing staff, social workers and clinical health psychologists and addresses the issues in the context of primary healthcare. The second edition (2020) has been fully revised and expanded with the addition of several new chapters and featuring updated contributions from experts in the field.


Access CBT made simple, 2nd edition here.

A new ebook recently added to the library’s EBC collection is: CBT made simple: a clinician’s guide to practicing cognitive behavioral therapy by Nina Josefowitz and David Myran ( 2nd edition. Oakland, California: New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2021). Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based therapeutic approach for treating a range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This text is a comprehensive and practical ‘how to guide’ for health professionals, written by two psychologists and experts in CBT. This fully revised and updated second edition includes the core components of CBT: core beliefs, intermediate beliefs, and behavioural experiments.


Access Murtagh's General Practice, 8th edition here.

A new edition (8th) of John Murtagh’s general practice has been published - members can access the ebook version via the Murtagh Collection (RACGP website login required). The new edition offers new chapters on obesity, mood disorders, breast disorders, and traveller’s health and tropical medicine. Updated and new information is included on genetic disorders, chronic pain and infectious diseases, including acute respiratory distress syndrome with reference to coronaviruses and COVID-19.


Access the Paediatric handbook here


A new ebook recently added to the library’s EBC collection is The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne paediatric handbook (10th edition. Wiley-Blackwell, 2021). 
The  Paediatric handbook is a trusted guide to managing common and serious childhood illnesses and disorders. Now in its tenth edition (2021), the handbook features clear illustrations and evidence-based diagnostic and management algorithms throughout.


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