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Yes. There are many other resources available to you. Below are links to all of the resources in our John Murtagh Library that provide similar resources and information you are used to seeing in AccessMedicine.

In fact, we want to make sure members get the best value for money through services which are needed and used. From time to time, we conduct an audit of the services provided to make sure we are doing that. When we discontinue services, it is because we want to ensure your membership fees are used in the best way possible to provide you with an excellent experience.

You can contact the Library on:

Email: library@racgp.org.au
Phone: (03) 8699 0519
Fax: (03) 8699 0400

At the moment, the John Murtagh Library has resources that include content and features similar to those  of AccessMedicine so there is no need to replace it. However, we are always looking  for new and relevant sources of knowledge or our members.

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