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Caring for patients with post–COVID-19 conditions

Supporting patients after acute COVID-19 illness

Managing patients

This guide contains information for general practitioners (GPs) and their teams, who are providing care for patients who have previously tested positive to COVID-19 or have a history suggestive of undiagnosed COVID-19 and have – or are at risk of – post–COVID-19 conditions at any point after the initial acute infection.

It provides advice and support for developing individualised plans – in collaboration with patients – for the ongoing management of post–COVID-19 conditions.

This document provides generic guidance and should be used to support any local or other more contemporaneous advice, such as the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce guidelines and clinical flowcharts for the care of people with post–COVID-19 and local HealthPathways.

This guide can be used in conjunction with the patient resource, Managing post–COVID-19 symptoms.