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Escalating care for patients with red flag symptoms

Escalating care for patients with red flag symptoms

Red flag symptoms and vital signs are suggestive of severe disease. Patients with red flag symptoms should be immediately assessed. They might require urgent care in a hospital emergency department or by ambulance services.

Red flag symptoms include:12

  • severe, new onset, or worsening breathlessness or hypoxia
  • syncope
  • unexplained chest pain, palpitations or arrhythmias
  • new delirium, or focal neurological signs or symptoms.

Remember that the patient might have a different illness that is not COVID-19 related. Your assessment should include the consideration of other causes of these symptoms.

Remember if a patient speaks a language other than English and requires an interpreter, provide an explanation about this new situation using an interpreter to reduce the patient’s anxiety and maximise their ability to comprehend the situation and management plan. Ensure the patient’s cultural needs are met and record specific language and cultural needs in any referral letters.

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