Prescribing drugs of dependence in general practice, Part A

3. General practice systems of care
3.3 Clinical leaders
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All practices should have clinical leaders who have designated areas of responsibility regarding safety and quality improvement systems (eg drugs of dependence, infection control). In small practices, one person may be the clinical leader of multiple areas. Appointment of a clinical leader is designed to ensure:

  • an organisational culture that resources, supports, recognises and rewards participation and leadership in safety and quality improvement
  • staff involved in monitoring and improving care and services are held accountable
  • a problem solving, multidisciplinary team approach, that promotes a climate of safety and quality, as opposed to a blame culture.

Practices could consider appointing a drugs of dependence coordinator, who is responsible for developing strategies (policies, procedures and activities) to prevent harm, manage harm when it occurs and provide a safe, supportive work place and work culture.