Female genital cosmetic surgery

Appendix 1

Australian media code of conduct on body image

Australia’s Voluntary media code of conduct on body image was designed to encourage the fashion, media and advertising industries to place greater emphasis on diversity, positive body images and a focus on health rather than body shape. In doing so, it aims to reduce young people’s susceptibility to feelings of low self-esteem, eating disorders and negative body image that are associated with exposure to idealised and unrealistic images seen in the media and advertising.4,35,51 The code of conduct:

  • discourages the use of digitally enhanced or altered pictures and suggests these digitally pictures be identified as such
  • encourages the use of images that represent the diversity of body shapes
  • encourages the considered placement of advertising on dieting, cosmetic surgery, etc
  • discourages the ‘glamourisation’ of models and celebrities who are particularly underweight and instead encourages a focus on models with a healthy body shape.