e-Mental health - A guide for GPs

Step 3: Learning more through further education and training
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GPs who are interested in learning more about particular e-mental health interventions and related clinical practice issues have several high-quality resources at their disposal.

Black Dog Institute has developed a series of live eMHPrac webinars for GPs. Freely available as online recordings, these webinars aim to explore the use of e-mental health resources in the primary care setting. Topics include using e-mental health interventions for various mental illnesses and with specific populations, blending online therapy with face-to-face care, and online self-care for GPs.

Black Dog Institute has also created an accredited six-hour online education program for GPs which provides more detailed information about e-mental health interventions and their use in general practice. Each of the modules is accredited separately, but all six can be completed together as an active learning module.

gplearning has developed a mental health skills training program that includes a four-hour module, ‘Managing depression in general practice’. Four case studies are used to explore the presentation and management of depression in different patient groups. Relevant e-mental health resources are presented at appropriate points throughout each case study in order to show GPs how they can fit into the management plan for patients with depression. The program includes links to useful tools, videos and important websites. The tools and resources most applicable for the age group of the patient are explored in more detail throughout the case studies.

Practice tip

Register with the eMHPrac/Black Dog Institute Mental Health Community of Practice to share information and knowledge about e-mental health through multidisciplinary discussion forums.