e-Mental health - A guide for GPs

Step 2: Getting to know particular services
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e-Mental health services vary in their purpose, mode of delivery, intended audience, theoretical basis, style, duration, level of complexity, language options, level of security, cost, quality and efficacy.

One of the best ways to get to know an e-mental health intervention is to explore it for yourself. Registering with the service allows you to examine its content, format and features.

If you are unsure where to find an appropriate e-mental health intervention to use with your patients, there are two Australian information portals that can help you to narrow down the field of options.

 Head to Health

Head to Health is an online portal to digital mental health care funded by the Federal Government. It provides reliable information about mental health and a range of mental health conditions. It also provides an interactive chatbot and a set of filters that allow users to find evidence-based online resources and treatment programs to meet their specific needs.


Practice tip

Open the Head to Health website on your desktop to show your patient how to use the search facilities on the site. You can also use the Head to Health site to save information about your own favourite programs to print out and give to your patients.