e-Mental health - A guide for GPs

Starting the conversation
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e-Mental health is not for everyone. Some people will prefer an alternative treatment pathway; however, many patients might be unaware there is a range of effective e-mental health interventions available to them.46

You can promote e-mental health to your patients by:17,47

  • asking practice staff to display e-mental health information for patients in waiting areas
  • including links to information portals such as Head to Health on your clinic’s website
  • training other practice staff in the use of e-mental health resources
  • providing written information to patients; for example, Black Dog Institute fact sheets for consumers, ‘e-Mental Health and Depression’ and ‘e-Mental Health and Anxiety’
  • logging in to a particular e-mental health intervention during your consultation in order to give a tour and demonstrate some of the program’s features.
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