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Handbook of Non-Drug Interventions (HANDI)

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Exercise for preventing recurrent ankle sprain

A-Z interventions and conditions

Ankle injuries are the most common injuries across a wide variety of sports and it has been estimated that about 25% of all injuries across all sports are ankle injuries

Exercises for falls prevention

A-Z interventions and conditions

About 30% of people in the community over age 65 years fall annually, and this increases with age and around 10% of falls in those over age 65 years result in a fracture

Exercise for knee osteoarthritis

A-Z interventions and conditions

Exercise is recommended as a core treatment for osteoarthritis in all clinical guidelines regardless of patient age, pain levels or disease severity.

Physiotherapy for tennis elbow

A-Z interventions and conditions

Tennis elbow affects 1–3% of the population; risk factors include smoking, obesity, being aged 45–54 and two or more hours of repetitive movement per day

Pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD

A-Z interventions and conditions

COPD is predicted to be the third-leading cause of death worldwide and pulmonary rehabilitation interventions include inpatient and outpatient exercise programs

Knee taping for osteoarthritis

A-Z interventions and conditions

Knee osteoarthritis is the most common cause of knee pain in people older than 50 and applying strong, adhesive tape or strapping to the area can help unload painful soft tissues

Walking cane for knee osteoarthritis

A-Z interventions and conditions

Use of a cane is one of a number of non-drug treatments for knee osteoarthritis; which include weight reduction, exercise and taping