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Handbook of Non-Drug Interventions (HANDI)

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Mother’s kiss: nasal foreign bodies

A-Z interventions and conditions

Children aged 2-5 years have the highest incidence of nasal foreign bodies with some studies suggesting a greater prevalence in boys

Peanut allergy prevention

A-Z interventions and conditions

Almost 3 in every 100 Australian children have a peanut allergy and around 20% of children ‘grow out of it’

Wet combing: head lice

A-Z interventions and conditions

Half of the people infested with lice do not scratch; all people in contact with an affected person should be manually checked for lice

Bibliotherapy: depression

A-Z interventions and conditions

Bibliotherapy is a form of guided self-help whereby the patient works through a structured book, independently from the doctor

Brief behavioural therapy: insomnia in adults

A-Z interventions and conditions

Physical health problems are present in about one-third of patients with insomnia, defined as repeated difficulty with sleep over a period of a month

CBT for panic disorder

A-Z interventions and conditions

The cognitive component of CBT helps patients to understand how the way they think about their symptoms affects their experience