Telehealth and supervision: A guide for GPs in training and their supervisors

GPiT supervision when using telehealth

Telehealth and supervision

COVID-19 has resulted in rapid changes to service delivery models in the general practice setting across Australia. With the introduction of MBS telehealth item numbers, telehealth provision either on the telephone or via video is now part of the suite of consultation options in most practices. This has resulted in changes for practices, supervisors and GPs in training who have had to rapidly adopt and adapt to these changes.

The RACGP National Faculty for GPs in Training acknowledges the challenges this presents. So as we all find our feet in providing telehealth consultations the following guide aims to provide some guidance on what supervision should look like when using telehealth. We hope GPs in training can use this to discuss best practice with their supervisors and we equally hope supervisors can use this to reflect and consider how they can best support their trainees who are delivering telehealth.

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