Osteoporosis prevention, diagnosis and management in postmenopausal women and men over 50 years of age

How to use the guideline

Each of the 42 recommendations has been graded from A to D according to the process described in Appendix A. The grade reflects the degree of ‘trust’ that the clinician can place on the clinical application of the recommendation. The Working Group supports all recommendations and intends that they are used in conjunction with clinical judgement and patient preferences. They do not cover complex medical conditions and comorbidities.

The practical tips are pointers to effectively implement the recommendations. Unless otherwise referenced, the source of information presented in the practical tips is the Working Group.

Side effects and adverse events are summarised for each pharmacologic intervention. This guideline does not seek to provide full safety and usage information on medications. The Working Group recommends consulting the Therapeutic Guidelines , NPS MedicineWise  or the Australian Medicines Handbook  for detailed prescribing information.

Each recommendation is supported by a critical appraisal of the evidence published in the peer-reviewed literature between 2006 and February 2016. Appendix A describes the processes used to review the evidence.

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