Diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions in general practice

Clinical guideline

Guidelines for the treatment of acute stress disorder
Work related mental health conditions are the second most common cause of workers’ compensation, however, these conditions are typically challenging to diagnose and treat. In Australia, most injured workers seek care from their general practitioner (GP).

This guideline is a world-first guideline, developed to assist GPs with the diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions. Its recommendations were approved by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in late 2018.

GPs are the front line providers of care for growing numbers of patients with work-related mental health conditions. They play a key role in shaping a patient’s recovery from point of diagnosis, facilitating access to allied or specialist care and assistance in determining when and how patients can return to work. These guidelines provide evidence to support GPs in managing these patients.

RACGP endorsed clinical guideline

This guideline is endorsed by the RACGP.