Choosing Wisely Australia

Tests, treatments and procedures clinicians and consumers should question

All RACGP members were invited, and five GPs selected, to join the Choosing Wisely panel.

They raised 28 issues, researched these and voted on a shortlist of 10.

The voting for this shortlist was based on the amount of supporting evidence available, the degree of importance for patients, and the frequency of the test or treatment being used by Australian GPs.

Opinion from the entire College membership was then sought via online survey, to choose five of the shortlisted 10. Additional free-text comment was encouraged, with good response rates.

This national vote determined the final five topics. Following an NPS Representatives meeting, two on that list were found to duplicate other Colleges’ choices, and it was felt the RACGP could endorse these rather than replicate them. Therefore the next two highest voted options were selected instead.

RACGP endorsed clinical guideline

This guideline is endorsed by the RACGP.
This is an initiative of NPS MedicineWise.

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Choosing wisely Australia