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Your application

Your application

In 2014 RACGP launched an online application platform for general practitioners (GPs) to apply for the RACGP's Specialist Pathway Program (SPP) and the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) (GPE) Pathway.

Following feedback from users some changes have been made to the online system to streamline the GPE candidate experience assessment application process and reduce processing delays.

The key changes to the GPE application include:

  • The icon to indicate feedback in the application that must be addressed has changed
  • Several pages have been removed including the Introduction, Reason for Assessment and Other Experience
  • The CV format has changed
  • Auto calculation of the duration of your employment based on the dates provided
  • Minimum and maximum working hours based on policy
  • Streamlined page layout for International and Australian experience
  • Sections of your application which have been approved by the Assessors will not be editable if the application is returned to you to address feedback
  • The statutory declaration form has changed

The SPP categorisation application process has not changed.

For further information regarding the online GPE application platform changes you can read the Online Application FAQ call 1800 626 901 or email

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Your application