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The General Practice Experience pathway

The General Practice Experience (GPE) Practice Eligible Pathway recognises the skills and knowledge acquired via work experience in Australian and/or Overseas general practice and is a way that international medical graduates (IMGs) can gain Fellowship without having to do specialist general practice training (vocational training) in Australia. Candidates on the GPE Pathway are required to undertake the RACGP Fellowship Exams. If you have been working for a significant period of time in general practice you may be eligible to enrol in the GPE Pathway.

Access your Experience Application

Applicants for the GPE (Practice Eligible) Pathway are required to have their general practice experience assessed. The Assessment of General Practice Experience policy outlines what the RACGP Assessors take into account when reviewing applications. Doctors who wish to have their experience assessed must apply online, please refer to the Assessment of General Practice Experience guidance document for further details. The online application portal has recently been updated, for more information please read the

Online Application FAQ       

For further information regarding the online GPE application platform, call 1800 626 901 or email

Further information

To view the policies and guidance documents related to the General Practice Experience Pathways please see the

 Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) Pathway, you may continue working towards meeting the requirements, or you may wish to consider specialist general practice training (vocational training). Successful applicants for the training program are called Registrars. For further information please see Medical Students and Registrars.

General practice experience assessment fees*

Assessment typeAssessment fees

Assessment of Overseas general practice experience

Assessment of Overseas & Australian general practice experience
$785 $535
Assessment of Australian general practice experience $400 $270

*fees subjects to change

Guaranteed GPE Outcome for 2019.1 Exam Enrolment

GPs on the GPE (Practice Eligible) Pathway who wish to enrol in the 2019.1 Fellowship examinations are required to submit a completed application for assessment of General Practice Experience by Friday 21 September 2018. Applications submitted after this date will not be guaranteed an outcome in time to enrol.

If further information or documentation is required we will endeavour to assess your application before the close of enrolments on Friday 16 November 2018 at 8pm AEDT however, these applications will not be covered by the above guarantee.

The General Practice Experience pathway pilot for 2016 (New GPE pathway)

In 2016, the RACGP accepted a cohort of 50 candidates into a pilot of a new General Practice Experience pathway. The pilot program is ongoing, and will not be accepting further applicants at this time. Candidates currently on the GPE pathway will continue on that pathway, and candidates who wish to enter the pathway will enter the existing GPE pathway. All candidates for the existing GPE pathway should consult the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) Handbook. Members of the pilot group may consult the New GPE policies on the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework.

Rural Doctors

As an International Medical Graduate, it is likely that you will practice in rural or remote Australia. Contact RACGP Rural to find out what support and information is available to you.

Ask about the rural fellowship – the Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP).