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Education Research Grants

Education Research Grants

Education Research Grants (ERGs) aim to continue to build Regional Training Organisation research capability in medical education and training with a specific focus on education improvement. The overarching objective is to develop evidence-based education initiatives that increase training capacity and improve educational outcomes. ERGs are awarded via a competitive process to Regional Training Organisations (RTOs), that partner with academic institutions to undertake and complete a research project. 

In late 2016, the Department of Health devolved responsibility for the education research grants (ERG) program to the GP Colleges.

Education Research Grants 2020 round

The application window for the 2020 ERG round is anticipated to commence in July 2019, and projects to commence in January 2020. Further details will be made available on this website early January 2019.

Education Research Grants - Special Grant Round

The RACGP ERG Special Grant Round 2018 – 2019 aims to continue to build research capability with a specific focus on workplace based assessment (WBA). RACGP will offer one grant to an RTO led consortium. The special grant round project will run for 7 months - from 1 November 2018 to 31 May 2019, with reporting in June 2019.

The application window for the 2018-2019 RACGP ERG Special Grant Round is now closed.

Education Research Grants 2018 – 2019 round

The RACGP is administering seven grants in the 2018-2019 ERG cohort. A list of projects is provided below.

2018 – 2019 projects:

  • Eastern Victoria GP Training - From trainee to GP: the role of feedback in promoting progression to independence
  • GP Synergy - Independent practice characteristics of early-career GPs in the two years post-Fellowship, and associations with training experiences
  • GP Synergy - A qualitative study of a peer mentorship program for GP registrars: exploring the experiences of registrar mentees and mentors and perceived impact on registrar training and subsequent job satisfaction
  • General Practice Training Queensland - Medical Educators – Where do they come from? Exploring the barriers and enablers to becoming a medical educator.
  • General Practice Training Queensland - Registrar-initiated oversight, support and advice: help-seeking in general practice training
  • Murray City Country Coast - Mapping the journey of the GP Registrar – Key learning experience in the first GP placement
  • Murray City Country Coast - Supervision of High Risk Early Consultations (SHREC) in GP Training

2017 – 2018 ERG projects:

  • GP Synergy - Improving guideline compliance for prescription of benzodiazepines and related drugs in general practice registrars: a pragmatic trial employing a non-equivalent control groups design and post-intervention qualitative evaluation.
  • GP Synergy -Design, delivery and evaluation of an educational intervention for GP registrars in reviewing older patients’ medication regimens and de-prescribing inappropriate medications.
  • EVGPT - Feedback exchanges, supervisory relationships and the educational alliance: implications for GP registrar and supervisor training and support.
  • GPEx - Measuring the educational alliance with supervisors from the registrar perspective.
  • GPTT - Supervising GP Registrars – who does and doesn’t participate and why?

2017 ERG projects:

  • GPTQ - Global Assessment Tools in (medical) Education (GATE)
  • GPTT - Adapting and validating a tool to measure the supervisory relationship of GP supervisors
  • GPTT - A qualitative study of the experience of GP supervisors and GP registrars in the management of older patients with chronic disease

Further information

The Education Research Grants guidance documents provide comprehensive information for current and prospective grant holders and their regional training organisations.

For further enquiries about education research grants, please contact the GP Education Research Team at RACGP via email at: