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Recognition and honours

Recognition and Honours


GPs, general practice registrars and students are recognised throughout the year for their work in the general practice profession, contribution to their community and commitment to the pathway to Fellowship.

Australia Day Honours



Dr Venny Armanno (NSW) 

Dr Phillip Brownlie (NSW)

Dr Eleanor Chew (Qld) 

Dr Peter Davidson (NSW) 

Dr Craig Hassed (Vic) 

Dr Stephen Howle (NSW) 

Dr Peter Marendy (Qld) 

Dr Robert Marr (NSW) 

Emeritus Professor John Murtagh AO (Vic) 

Dr Gregory Thompson (Qld)

Dr Robert Wight (SA)


Queen’s Birthday Honours



Dr Jennifer Kendrick (NSW) 

Associate Professor Ruth McNair (Vic) 

Emeritus Professor Anthony Radford (SA)


Dr Michelle Crockett (NSW) 

Dr Geraldine Duncan (NSW) 

Dr Hector Faulkner (WA) 

Dr Sam Heard (NT) 

Dr Milton Sales (NSW) 

Dr Tony Trachtenberg (NSW) 

Dr Adam Zagorski (Vic)


Further recognition



2017.2 – Dr Jacob Mackenzie, South Australia
2018.1 – Dr Hiba Gundru, Queensland

Dr Montague Kent-Hughes (1906–1976) was a founding Fellow of the RACGP and was a renowned and distinguished educator.

Recipient of the RACGP Rose-Hunt Award in 1975, Dr Kent-Hughes served as RACGP President in 1968–1970, was Chair of the RACGP Victoria Faculty Board in 1956–1960, a Council member in 1958–1975 and Chair of its Education Committee in 1960–1966.

In 1967, Dr Kent-Hughes organised the first RACGP examination and until his passing in 1976, loyally encouraged its development. In 1972, Dr Kent-Hughes became the first President of WONCA, a position he held until 1974.

Following his passing in 1976, a medal was established to commemorate his life and service to the RACGP and to medical education. This is awarded to the RACGP examination candidate who achieves the highest score in the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) within Australia.