Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Clinical Challenge

The Clinical Challenge questions are available in each issue of AFP, but the questions must be completed on the gplearning platform,, to earn QI&CPD points.

You must read each Focus article before completing the Clinical Challenge. The articles are available in the print edition of the journal as well as within the activity on gplearning.

You are required to get a 75% pass rate before being awarded QI&CPD points. After you answer each question, you will receive instant feedback so that you can learn as you progress through the questions. If you do not achieve a 75% pass on the first attempt, you must reattempt the questions in order to receive your QI&CPD points.

The gplearning platform allows you to complete all of the questions in one session or over a number of sessions. If you leave the activity before completing it, your progress will be recorded. The next time you attempt the activity, you will automatically resume at the question you last completed.

To access the AFP Clinical Challenge on gplearning, you need to log in using your RACGP user name and password.

If you need assistance, please call the gplearning helpdesk on 1800 284 789.