Advances in physiology


AFP Cover 2017

Advances in physiology

2017 Vol 46 (4) 177-256

The April issue of AFP explores advances in diagnostic testing and treatment of disease.


Cancer and the omics revolution

Richard J Epstein, Frank P Lin

Immunotherapy of cancer

Joseph A Trapani, Phillip K Darcy

Advances in genomic testing

Sarah Donoghue, Lilian Downie, Chloe Stutterd

The gut microbiome

Mayenaaz Sidhu, David van der Poorten

Up front

Editorial: Paradigm shifts

Sophia Samuel

Letters to the editor


Conservation surgery and radiation therapy in early breast cancer – An update

Ellen Tailby, John Boyages AM

A sugary problem

Emma Foster, Phoebe Gao, Jorge Zavala

Mucocutaneous lesions and nail pigmentation in a patient with essential thrombocytosis

Alba Calleja Algarra, Raquel Aragón Miguel, Fátima Tous Romero, Lidia Maroñas Jiménez

A painful papule on the ear

Thomas J Stewart

A synopsis of current international guidelines and new modalities for the treatment of varicose veins

Nicholas Kemp


Esperance pica study

Kuroush A Ardeshirian, Donald A Howarth


How can GPs drive software changes to improve healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples?

Helen Kehoe

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