Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2017 December

Common problems in school-aged children

December 2017 Vol 46 (12) 881-960

Articles in the December issue discuss various health issues affecting school-aged children, including acne, eczema and growth disorders.

AFP Cover 2017 November

Chest pain

November 2017 Vol 46 (11) 801-880

Articles in the November issue discuss some differential diagnoses to consider in a patient who presents with chest pain.

AFP Cover 2017 October


October 2017 Vol 46 (10) 705-800

The October issue investigates different contraceptive methods to enable GPs to help women maximise a trouble-free contraceptive experience.

AFP Cover 2017 September


September 2017 Vol 46 (9) 625–704

The September issue looks at areas of urology, including erectile dysfunction, male infertility, urolithiasis, Peyronie’s disease and male urinary incontinence.

AFP Cover 2017

Chronic illness in adolescents

2017 Vol 46 (8) 545-624

The August issue focuses on the management of chronic illness in adolescents.

AFP Cover 2017


2017 Vol 46 (7) 449-544

The July issue discusses obesity, how to approach it and how to treat it.

AFP Cover 2017 June


June 2017 Vol 46 (6) 353-448

The June issue highlights issues relating to menopause and how to manage these.

AFP Cover 2017


2017 Vol 46 (5) 261-352

The May issue of AFP explores the management of various skin conditions.

AFP Cover 2017

Advances in physiology

2017 Vol 46 (4) 177-256

The April issue of AFP explores advances in diagnostic testing and treatment of disease.

AFP Cover 2017 March

Office-based procedures

March 2017 Vol 46 (3) 81-176

The March issue of AFP highlights a range of office-based procedures in general practice.

AFP Cover 2017 January/February

The joy of life

January/February 2017 Vol 46 (1) 1-80

This month’s articles include: Healthy living, Healthy sex, Healthy pregnancy and Healthy ageing