January/February 2013

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January/February 2013 Vol 42 (1) 1-80

This month's articles include chronic renal impairment, ‘Just a repeat’, liver impairment, adverse drug reactions, non-drug treatments, anaphylaxis update, and sudden loss of vision.


Prescribing by GP age

Christopher Harrison, Joan Henderson, Helena Britt

Adverse drug reactions

Allergy? Side-effect? Intolerance?

William Smith

‘Just a repeat’

When drug monitoring is indicated

Catherine Lucas, Peter Donovan

Prescribing for older people with chronic renal impairment

J Simon Bell, Natalie Blacker, V Tammy LeBlanc, Christopher P Alderman, Adam Phillips, Debra Rowett, Simone Rossi, Oliver Frank, Alan Husband

Prescribing in patients with abnormal liver function tests

Emily Smith, Paul Desmond

Up front

Your new year with AFP

Carolyn O’Shea

Letters to the editor


Making non-drug interventions easier to find and use

Paul Glasziou

The Epley manoeuvre

For benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Handbook of Non Drug Intervention (HANDI) Project Team


Identification, management and prevention

Ingrid Laemmle-Ruff, Robyn O’Hehir, Michael Ackland, Mimi LK Tang

Pretibial erythematous plaque in a young male

Emiliano Grillo, Angela Miguel-Morrondo, Mayte Truchuelo, Sergio Vano-Galvan, Pedro Jaén Olasolo

Sudden loss of vision

A case study

Neil Sharma, Ju-Lee Ooi, Daya Sharma, Ethan Nguyen

Prader-Willi syndrome

Care of adults in general practice

Elly Scheermeyer

Bilateral diabetic Charcot foot

Aishah Ahmad Fauzi, Chung Tze Yang


Improving management of type 2 diabetes

Findings of the Type2Care clinical audit

John Barlow, George Krassas

Recruiting elderly patients for non-interventional research

Successful strategies and lessons learnt

Basia Diug, Judy Lowthian

Common general practice presentations and publication frequency

Georga Cooke, Lisa Valenti, Paul Glasziou, Helena Britt


Random case analysis

A new framework for Australian general practice training

Simon Morgan, Gerard Ingham

Prostate cancer

Active surveillance as a management option

Julian Yaxley, John Yaxley, Robert Gardiner, William Yaxley

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Sophie Samuel


AFP Podcasts

Interviews January/February 2013

Non-drug interventions

Paul Glasziou discusses a new series on non-drug interventions

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Drug allergies, side effects and intolerances

William Smith discusses drug allergies, side effects and intolerances

Duration: 20 minutes 18 seconds
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Therapeutic drug monitoring

Dr Catherine Lucas discusses the place of therapeutic drug monitoring.

Duration: 9 minutes 13 seconds
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