Child development

September 2011

AFP Cover 2011 September

Child development

September 2011 Vol 40 (9) 649-744

The theme for the September issue of AFP is child development. This month's articles include problem behaviour in children, is my child normal?, autism spectrum disorders, breastfeeding and medicines, proton pump inhibitors, and fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency.


Autism spectrum disorders

Janice Charles, Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt

Is my child normal?

Milestones and red flags for referral

Frank Oberklaid, Kim Drever

Autism spectrum disorders

Bruce Tonge, Avril Brereton

Problem behaviour in children

An approach for general practice

Angela Luangrath, Harriet Hiscock

Up front

Vision in a changing world

Nyoli Valentine

Letters to the editor



Evidence based guidelines for the use of medicines

Lisa H Amir, Marie Pirotta, Manjri Raval

Nerve conduction studies

William Huynh, Matthew C Kiernan


A case study

Jennifer L Pecina, Mark R Pittelkow

Proton pump inhibitors

Uncommon adverse effects

Stephen Oh

Traditional Chinese medicine

Women’s experiences in the treatment of infertility

Ann Alfred, Karin Ried



Should we be testing and treating for vitamin D deficiency?

Deepa Daniel, Marie Pirotta

Medical journal covers

An analysis of gendered images and how these might influence best practice

Jan Coles, Susan P Phillips, Lyn Clearihan, Kymm Feldman


Workers’ compensation forms

A guide for GPs

Catherine Dodgshun, John Malios

A competency history

An additional model of history taking

Simon Bridge


A fistful of prescriptions

Is there a better way?

Oliver Frank, Christopher P Alderman

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Nyoli Valentine


AFP Podcasts

Interviews September 2011

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Emeritus Professor Bruce Tonge and Dr Avril Brereton discuss autism spectrum disorders and the role of the general practitioner in detection and management.

Duration: 18 minutes 56 seconds
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Breastfeeding - Evidence based guidelines for the use of medicines

Dr Lisa Amir discusses breast feeding and medications. She discusses where to find evidence about medicines and breastfeeding, some general principles and also some common clinical scenarios

Duration: 12 minutes 21 seconds
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