Adolescent health

March 2011

AFP Cover 2011 March

Adolescent health

March 2011 Vol 40 (3) 81-176

The theme for the March issue of AFP is adolescent health. This month's articles include contraception, assessing mental health in young people, bullying – effects, prevalence and strategies for detection, combining energy drinks and alcohol – a recipe for trouble, and eating disorders – early identification in general practice.



Christopher Harrison, Janice Charles, Helena Britt

Is this normal?

Assessing mental health in young people

Patrick D McGorry, Sherilyn Goldstone


Effects, prevalence and strategies for detection

Michael Carr-Gregg, Ramesh Manocha

Combining energy drinks and alcohol

A recipe for trouble?

Amy Pennay, Dan I Lubman, Peter Miller

Eating disorders

Early identification in general practice

Michele Yeo, Elizabeth Hughes

Up front

Healthcare… it’s out there!

Rachel Lee

Letters to the editor


Liver function tests

Penelope Coates

Diagnosing colorectal polyps and masses

The use of CT colonography

Tom Sutherland, Elizabeth Coyle, Wai Kit Lee, Belinda Lui

Smelly foot rash

Paulo Morais, Lígia Peralta

An odd looking lesion

Lawrence Leung, Shawn Amyot

Recurrent haemoptysis

Rumi R Khajotia, Nalini Somaweera


Anterior shoulder dislocation

Seated versus traditional reduction technique

Sadiq Jamali


A cohort study of general practice registrars

Mark Nelson, Julie Bunyard, Stephen Quinn, Danielle Williams

Disease awareness advertising

Women’s intentions following exposure

Danika Hall, Sandra C Jones, Don Iverson

Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis

Current management

Cathy Watson, Marie Pirotta


Improving health outcomes in young people

A holistic, team based approach

Susie Radford, Mieke van Driel, Kate Swanton

Consent to medical treatment: the mature minor

Sara Bird

Department of Veterans’ Affairs forms

A guide for GPs

Helen Westbury

A division’s worth of data

Christopher Pearce, Marianne Shearer, Karina Gardner, Jill Kelly


Rural health education

Katherine van Schaik

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Deepa Daniel, Nyoli Valentine