Common problems in school-aged children

Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2011 December


December 2011 Vol 40 (12) 937–1032

The theme for the December issue of AFP is neurology. This month's articles include motor neurone disease, traumatic brain injury, frontotemporal dementia, multiple sclerosis, lactational mastitis, ACEI associated angioedema and teaching medical students.

AFP Cover 2011 November


November 2011 Vol 40 (11) 841–936

The theme for the November issue of AFP is violence. This month's articles include intimate partner violence, aggressive behaviour in general practice, benzodiazepine prescribing and aggression, nonaccidental injury in childhood, chronic fatigue syndrome, steroid associated infective keratitis and obstructive sleep apnoea.

AFP Cover 2011 October


October 2011 Vol 40 (10) 745-840

The theme for the October issue of AFP is urology. This month's articles include urinary stone disease, incidentally detected small renal masses, localised prostate cancer, lower urinary tract symptoms, antenatal screening, etonogestrel implants and pericarditis.

AFP Cover 2011 September

Child development

September 2011 Vol 40 (9) 649-744

The theme for the September issue of AFP is child development. This month's articles include problem behaviour in children, is my child normal?, autism spectrum disorders, breastfeeding and medicines, proton pump inhibitors, and fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency.

AFP Cover 2011 August

Current issues in alcohol

August 2011 Vol 40 (8) 553-648

The theme for the August issue of AFP is Current issues in alcohol. This month's articles include Binge drinking, Problem drinking – detection and assessment in general practice, Problem drinking – management in general practice, Risky drinking among young Australians – causes, effects and implications for GPs & Alcoholic liver disease – assessment and management.

AFP Cover 2011 July


July 2011 Vol 40 (7) 457-552

The theme for the July issue of AFP is Dermatology. This month's articles include Eczema, Psoriasis, Hair and nails, Exanthems and drug reactions, Common vulval dermatoses & Nutrition care in general practice – are we waiting for patients to ask?

AFP Cover 2011 June

Mental health

June 2011 Vol 40 (6) 353-466

The theme for the June issue of AFP is Mental health. This month's articles include Antidepressant use, Mental health risk assessment – a guide for GPs, Anxiety disorders – assessment and management in general practice, Managing borderline personality disorder and substance use – an integrated approach and Anxiety and depression – online resources and management tools.

AFP Cover 2011 May


May 2011 Vol 40 (5) 257–352

The theme for the May issue of AFP is menopause. This month's articles include hormone therapy, menopausal transition, sex and perimenopause, lifestyle therapies, breast cancer, polymyalgia rheumatica and Mifepristone.

AFP Cover 2011 April


April 2011 Vol 40 (4) 177-256

The theme for the April issue of AFP is Disability. This month's articles include intellectual disability, sex and intellectual disability – dealing with sexual health issues, cerebral palsy in childhood, behavioural concerns – assessment and management of people with intellectual disability and Australians with Down syndrome – health matters.

AFP Cover 2011 March

Adolescent health

March 2011 Vol 40 (3) 81-176

The theme for the March issue of AFP is adolescent health. This month's articles include contraception, assessing mental health in young people, bullying – effects, prevalence and strategies for detection, combining energy drinks and alcohol – a recipe for trouble, and eating disorders – early identification in general practice.

AFP Cover 2011 January/February

Gaps in practice

January/February 2011 Vol 40 (1) 1-80

The theme for the January/February issue of AFP is gaps in practice. This month's articles include workforce gaps now and in 2020, Indigenous health, getting appointments right, therapeutic inertia in general practice, and safety and quality improvement initiatives.