Issues in aging

October 2010

AFP Cover 2010 October

Issues in aging

October 2010 Vol 39 (10) 705-800

The theme for the October issue of AFP is Issues in aging. This month's articles include Older patients, Aging and sexuality, Early dementia – optimal management in general practice, Prescribing in the elderly, End of life care – the importance of advance care planning and Substance misuse – management in the older population


Aging and sexuality

Lesley Yee

Early dementia

Optimal management in general practice

Barbara Workman, Fiona Dickson, Sally Green

End of life care

The importance of advance care planning

Melissa Bloomer, Heather Tan, Susan Lee

Older patients

Lisa Valenti, Helena Britt

Prescribing in the elderly

Edwina Holbeach, Paul Yates

Up front

Change and age

Carolyn O’Shea

Letters to the editor


Androgen deficiency in the aging man

Ranjan Arianayagam, Mohan Arianayagam, Shaun McGrath, Prem Rashid

How to perform a ‘Healthy Kids Check’

Karyn Alexander, Danielle Mazza

The impact of breastfeeding

Translating recent evidence for practice

Lisa Smithers, Ellen McIntyre


Prevention in travellers

Amy A Neilson, Cora A Mayer


Bones beyond 70

Insights into osteoporosis management in the elderly

Charles A Inderjeeth, Anabela Smeath

Hepatitis A and B vaccination

The rate of uptake and course completion in patients with hepatitis C

Trinity Fredericks, Kellie Kwan, Donna B Mak

Pap tests

What do women expect?

Rebecca Stewart, Jill E Thistlethwaite

Substance misuse

Management in the older population

Barbara Hunter, Dan I Lubman

Surviving spousal bereavement

Insights for GPs

Pam McGrath, Hamish Holewa, Meg McNaught


Family health history

A role in prevention

Kate Dunlop, Kristine Barlow-Stewart, Michael Giffin

Managing clinical risks

Tips from the toolkit 9

Neville Steer


Practice and challenges

Raktim Kumar Ghosh, Samhati Mondal Ghosh, Shalini Chawla


Why do clinical trials in general practice?

Mark Nelson

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Kate Molinari


AFP Podcasts

Interviews October 2010

Aging and sexuality

Dr Lesley Yee, a sexual health physician, discusses issues in aging and sexuality. This includes the changes associated with aging and the varying impacts these may have. She also provides some practical ideas to assist in raising the topic and providing advice

Duration: 11 minutes 40 seconds
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End of life care – the importance of advance care planning

End of life care and advanced care planning is a very important topic that can be difficult to raise. Dr Susan Lee discusses how patients expect their doctor to raise the topic, suggestions about how to raise the topic and assist in the discussion and also some resources that may be helpful

Duration: 11 minutes 35 seconds
File size: 3MB

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Bones beyond 70 – insights into osteoporosis management in the elderly

Osteoporosis is a major health concern with an aging population. Professor Charles Inderjeeth discusses his research based on a clinical audit about the current assessment and management of osteoporosis in those aged 70 years or more which found areas that can be improved

Duration: 15 minutes 29 seconds
File size: 4MB

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Substance misuse – management in the older population

Professor Dan Lubman discusses issues in substance misuse in the older population, including frequency, harms, issues to consider in the older population and tips on assessment and management

Duration: 12 minutes 26 seconds
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