July 2010

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July 2010 Vol 39 (7) 449-528

The theme for the July issue of AFP is clots. This month's articles include Atrial fibrillation - changes 2000 to 2009, Pulmonary embolism, Deep vein thrombosis - risks and diagnosis, Warfarin - indications, risks and drug interactions & Clot prevention - common questions about medications, Health care reform - can we maintain personal continuity & Patient 'buy-in' and prevention.


Atrial fibrillation

Changes 2000 to 2009

Janice Charles, Ying Pan, Graeme C Miller

Pulmonary embolism

Simon McRae

Deep vein thrombosis

Risks and diagnosis

Wai Khoon Ho


Indications, risks and drug interactions

Rami Tadros, Sepehr Shakib

Clot prevention

Common questions about medications

Rami Tadros, Sepehr Shakib

Up front

Patient ‘buy-in’ and prevention

Danielle Mazza

Letters to the editor


DVT in acute stroke

The use of graduated compression stockings

Bo Xu

Belinda’s back pain

Patrick J Phillips, Simon Burnet


Andrew Slack

Visual field defects after stroke

A practical guide for GPs

Susie Luu, Andrew W Lee, Andrew Daly, Celia S Chen


Enabling research in general practice

Increasing functionality of electronic medical records

Jacqueline Young, Diann Eley, Paul Fahey, Elizabeth Patterson, Desley Hegney

Barriers to diagnosing and managing hypertension

A qualitative study in Australian general practice

Faline Howes, Emily Hansen, Danielle Williams, Mark Nelson


Proof of age required

Estimating age in adults without birth records

Christine Phillips, Shanti Narayanasamy

Business plans

Tips from the toolkit 6

Neville Steer


Health care reform

Can we maintain personal continuity?

Andrew Bonney, Elizabeth Farmer

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Kate Molinari


AFP Podcasts

Interviews July 2010

Pulmonary embolism

Dr Simon McRae discusses key issues in the diagnosis and management of pulmonary embolism, particularly considering the general practice setting

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