Sports injuries

January/February 2010


and other lovely numbers

Volume 39, No.1, January/February 2010 Pages 7-7

Jenni Parsons

‘Twenty ten’ sounds good to me. I have a quirk when it comes to numbers – some have more of an emotional appeal than others, and some irritate me by their mere existence. It is something to do with their shape, or their symmetry. Sometimes the appeal, or lack of it, is symbolic. I dread being 49 years old. To me it’s a duplicitous sort of number and makes me suspect the person is really 50 but unwilling to admit their true age! Seven is an appealing number so 7 x 7 would be cool. When I (eventually!) get to 49, I could start using a numerical system based on seven. That will mean my age would be written as one-zero-zero (100)... a significant milestone!

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