Culture and diversity

April 2010


GP ‘grand round’

A hospital tradition modified for general practice

Volume 39, No.4, April 2010 Pages 244-246

Tracy Reibel

Lesley Skinner

Jon Emery


The hospital ‘grand round’ concept was applied to a general practice continuing professional development activity. Interactive learning sessions were developed to deliver evidence based medicine clinical education for general practitioners and general practice learners (registrars/medical students). The acceptability of the GP grand round format was examined through analysis of participant responses to learning objectives.


The article explores some of the issues associated with delivery of small group case based discussion.


Evaluations demonstrated that participants in the grand round valued the opportunity to interact with other participants in a small group format, exchanged and shared knowledge and had their learning needs met. The overall quality of the learning experience for the majority of participants was either good or excellent. The application of vertically integrated continuing professional development through a grand round format appears acceptable and effective.

The ‘grand round’ concept, generally associated with hospital based medical education, was adapted to support vertical integration in a continuing professional development (CPD) activity for general practice. Vertical integration in this context refers to encouraging all levels of general practice learners (general practitioners, general practice registrars and medical students) to participate in the activity. The GP grand round was modified from the traditional hospital based lecture model to a community based, small group, case oriented interactive learning activity.

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