Summer Salad

January/February 2009

AFP Cover 2009 January/February

Summer Salad

January/February 2009 Vol 38 (1) 1-80

The theme for the January/February issue of AFP is summer salad. This month's articles include controversies in type 2 diabetes, breastfeeding knowledge, working with patients with intellectual disabilities, compounded medicines and 'off label' prescribing, management plans for anaphylaxis, HPV vaccination catch up program, venous thromboembolism and general practice as a career.


Breastfeeding knowledge

The experiences of Australian general practice registrars

Wendy Brodribb, Anthony B Fallon, Claire Jackson, Desley Hegney

Compounded medicines and ‘off label’ prescribing

A case for more guidance

Romano A Fois, Barry T Mewes, Andrew McLaughlin, Iqbal Ramzan

Controversies in type 2 diabetes

An update

Bu B Yeap

Multiple chronic problems

Ying Pan, Helena Britt, Janice Charles

Overcoming communication barriers

Working with patients with intellectual disabilities

Ka Lip Chew, Teresa Iacono, Jane Tracy

Up front

A healthy educational diet

Jenni Parsons

Letters to the editor


A mass on the palate

Keng Yin Loh, Bee Eng Ong, Sambandam Elango

New action plans for the management of anaphylaxis

Andrew S Kemp, Wendy Hu

Upper cervical spine injuries in elderly patients

M Sami Walid, Nadezhda V Zaytseva

Venous thromboembolism

Management in general practice

Nicola H Chapman, Timothy Brighton, Mark F Harris, Gideon A Caplan, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Beng H Chong


General practice registrar teaching roles

Is there a need for shared understanding?

Jenny Dodd, Alistair Vickery, Hilleke van Osch, Jon Emery

HPV vaccination catch up program

Utilisation by young Australian women

Edith Weisberg, Deborah Bateson, Kirsten McCaffery, S Rachel Skinner

GPs’ concerns about medicolegal issues

How it affects their practice

Louise Nash, Merrilyn Walton, Michele Daly, Maree Johnson, Garry Walter, Elizabeth van Ekert, Simon Willcock, Chris Tennant


Choosing general practice

A review of career choice determinants

Narelle Shadbolt, Jeremy Bunker

Miasma revisited

The intellectual history of tropical medicine

Andrew D S Gibson

Are sickness certificates doing our patients harm?

Debra A Dunstan


Changes to general practice

Jill E Thistlethwaite, David Topps

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Book reviews

Clinical challenge


AFP Podcasts

Interviews January/February 2009

Overcoming communication barriers-working with patients with intellectual disabilities

Jane Tracy, discusses successful communication in consultations with patients with intellectual disabilities. Jane discusses the range of verbal and non verbal communication that is used by patients with intellectual disabilities, including augmentative and alternative communication (AACT) systems.

Duration: 21 minutes 32 seconds
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Compounded medicines and ‘off label’ prescribing- a case for more guidance

Romano Fois discusses benefits and risks of compounded medicines. There has been an increase in the prescribing and dispensing of individualised pharmacotherapy in the form of compounded medicines in recent years.

Duration: 19 minutes 35 seconds
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HPV vaccination catch up program- utilisation by young Australian women

Edith Weisberg discusses research into young women’s attitudes to and uptake of HPV vaccination. Two hundred and ninety-four women aged 15–26 years attending Family Planning NSW clinics completed the a questionnaire.

Duration: 11 minutes 1 seconds
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