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Latest Issue: December 2017

AFP Cover 2009 December

The guts of it

December 2009 Vol 38 (12) 945-1010

The theme for the December issue of AFP is The guts of it. This month's articles include GORD, Update in inflammatory bowel disease, IBS or intolerance?, Irritable bowel syndrome – the role of complementary medicines in treatment & Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding – effects, side effects and challenges

AFP Cover 2009 November


November 2009 Vol 38 (11) 849-944

The theme for the November issue of AFP is Bites. This month's articles include Bites and stings, Spider bites - Assessment and management, Management of mammalian bites, Dengue - Clinical and public health ramifications & Bed bugs - What the GP needs to know

AFP Cover 2009 October

Vision at risk

October 2009 Vol 38 (10) 753-848

The theme for the October issue of AFP is vision at risk. This month's articles include reducing vision loss in chronic eye disease, screening recommendations for retinopathy, sudden loss of vision, coeliac disease, optic neuritis, demystifying abdominal ultrasound, integration into the Australian health care system – insights from IMGs, and prescription medication borrowing and sharing.

AFP Cover 2009 September

Hands and feet

September 2009 Vol 38 (9) 657-752

The theme for the September issue of AFP is Hands and feet. This month's articles include Carpal tunnel syndrome, Sweaty, smelly hands and feet, Persistent foot pain, My hands shake – classification and treatment of tremor & Carpal tunnel syndrome – can it be a work related condition?

AFP Cover 2009 August

Infections that last

August 2009 Vol 38 (8) 561-656

The theme for the August issue of AFP is Infections that last. This month's articles include Management of HIV/AIDS, Long term management of people with HIV, What's new in TB?, Ross River Virus, Influenza A (H1N1 09) - public health lessons and questions, Pandemic lessons and Preventing the psychosocial risks of hearing loss

AFP Cover 2009 July

Weird Skin Stuff

July 2009 Vol 38 (7) 465-560

The theme for the July issue of AFP is Weird Skin Stuff. This month's articles include Presentations of rash, Cutaneous melanoma - atypical variants and presentations, Blistering skin conditions, Difficult to diagnose skin cancer - the 'aggresive' BCC and Skin manifestations of systemic disease.

AFP Cover 2009 June

Sexual Health

June 2009 Vol 38 (6) 369-464

The theme for the June issue of AFP is Sexual Health. This month's articles include Sexual health, Catching up on contraception, Syphilis, the great mimicker, is back, Lesbian and bisexual women's sexual health and Bacterial vaginosis - more questions than answers.

AFP Cover 2009 May


May 2009 Vol 38 (5) 273 - 368

The theme for the May issue of AFP is sleep. This month's articles include insomnia, sleep apnoea – a general practice approach, kids that go bump in the night, restless legs syndrome, sleep and depression – theory and practice and the patient centred medical home – a new model of practice in the USA.

AFP Cover 2009 April

Cancer Screening

April 2009 Vol 38 (4) 177-272

The theme for the April issue of AFP is cancer screening. This month's articles include cancer screening in general practice, cancer screening – pros, cons, choice, and the patient, there’s cancer in the family, bowel cancer screening – a role for general practice and bridging the gap between primary care and public health.

AFP Cover 2009 March

Engaging men in health

March 2009 Vol 38 (3) 81-176

The theme for the March issue of AFP is engaging men in health. This month's articles include men and mental health, engaging men in health care, men and depression, the newly single man, post-traumatic stress disorder – best practice GP guidelines, the ‘iron salute’ in haemochromatosis, Cally’s carpal complaint, and a cutaneous horn on the ear.

AFP Cover 2009 January/February

Summer Salad

January/February 2009 Vol 38 (1) 1-80

The theme for the January/February issue of AFP is summer salad. This month's articles include controversies in type 2 diabetes, breastfeeding knowledge, working with patients with intellectual disabilities, compounded medicines and 'off label' prescribing, management plans for anaphylaxis, HPV vaccination catch up program, venous thromboembolism and general practice as a career.