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2 September 2014

United General Practice Australia (UGPA) writes in relation to the need for a formal mechanism government can use to consult with the general practice profession.

In the months following the federal government’s 2014 budget announcement in May, there has been a significant concern over the lack of a systematic approach by the government to consultation with general practice regarding future policy direction.

UGPA has expressed concern on multiple occasions about the need to create a quality sustainable healthcare system that can respond to the demands of the future. As experts in the delivery of care, meaningful involvement from the general practice profession should be central to any policy discussions that impact on the future of general practice. It is therefore recommended that the Government implement a formal mechanism to facilitate input from general practice, through UGPA, to ensure that future health policy is driven by the principles of quality and sustainable general practice.

UGPA believes that there is a need for the government to look at the direction of general practice more broadly, and is concerned about the lack of reference to quality general practice in discussions regarding health policy. UGPA supports a model where patients and their families enjoy a continuing relationship with a regular GP, with support from a GP-led practice team and other clinical services in the medical neighbourhood. The model should support care coordination, the value of quality general practice, and general practice teaching and training, in diverse settings.

UGPA, which brings together major bodies representing general practice, looks forward to a constructive dialogue on such consultative processes going forward.

We thank you in advance for your consideration of these recommendations and look forward to receiving a response in due course. Please contact me, or Mr Roald Versteeg, on (03) 8699 0408 or at if you have any questions or would like to discuss.