7 October 2014

Outcomes Statement for meeting held on 7 October 2014



Description and actions


Outcomes Statement

  • Going forward, letters or replies received in response to UGPA letters are to be circulated to UGPA as soon as they are received.


Primary Health Networks

  • N/A: the boundaries for PHNs were announced on 15 October 2014


Draft Chronic Disease Management Policy

  • RACGP and AMA to meet prior to next UGPA meeting to discuss financing concepts and principles for UGPA’s consideration prior to the meeting scheduled for 26 November 2014
  • Update draft CDM paper as per UGPA feedback, and circulate for endorsement
  • Once CDM paper endorsed:
    • Send endorsed UGPA CDM policy to Minister Dutton
    • Prepare accompanying media release to announce the release of UGPA policy
  • Write to Dr Tony Lembke for an update on the GP collaborative and the outcomes (if any), seeking input regarding any evidence


GP training update

  • UGPA broadly accepted and commended GPRA’s Statement of Principles for Inclusion in the Tender Process for GP Training Providers.
  • GPRA to circulate word version of the statement of principles to UGPA for amendment
  • UGPA to track changes and return by 21 October 2014. Once finalised, release amended version as UGPA policy
  • Write to Martin Bowles, newly appointed Secretary – Department of Health, to congratulate on appointment, raise issues regarding the future of GP training, and invite Martin to attend a UGPA meeting in 2015


ALP Primary Health Care Policy - attendance of Shadow Minister at November UGPA meeting

  • Invite Shadow Minister for Health, The Hon Catherine King MP for 1 hour at next UGPA meeting.


Consideration of Australia Association for Academic Primary Care (AAAPC) as a member of UGPA

  • Write to AAAPC advising that UGPA is interested in exploring the possibility of AAAPC’s ongoing involvement with UGPA, and invite AAAPC to put forward the argument as to why they should be on UGPA.


UGPA website for action items, media releases, letters and submissions

  • All UGPA organisations to have identical webpages (except for organisational branding) on their respective websites. 
  •  RACGP to circulate word template of what the UGPA webpage looks like


Next meeting

  • 26 November 2014 in Canberra, AMA House, 42 Macquarie St, Barton ACT


Other business

  • UGPA meeting dates - 2015 o To be held every two months going forward. o Dates to be circulated for 2015 meetings.
    • Time for 2015 meetings: 11am – 1pm (or until 2pm with working lunch).
    • Alternate between AMA House, Canberra and RACGP NSW Faculty, Sydney.
  • Media releases o Order of the contacts and numbers on UGPA media releases to be rotated.