25 March 2015

Outcomes Statement for meeting held on 25 March 2015



Description and actions


UGPA Terms of Reference

  • Terms of Reference (ToR) are not desirable for UGPA at this stage
  • UGPA is a forum to understand the views of general practice organisations.
  • UGPA should develop a short description about what UGPA is, who we are and what we try to achieve.
  • Consider a greater focus on writing joint letters and submissions

ACTION – circulate draft paragraph on the purpose of UGPA for feedback


Update on GP training

  • RACGP & ACRRM have conveyed a sense of urgency to the new Minister regarding GP training arrangements
  • Both colleges believe in a regional model, with an end-point in FRACGP and/or FACRRM
  • Department is exploring ways to meet the differing needs of the colleges
  • Broadly speaking, GP training in future will have greater involvement from the colleges, including selection, syllabus, and training post accreditation
  • AMA is seeking a meeting with the Minister to sort out timelines and governance arrangements.

ACTION: RACGP to provide AMA with a brief overview of key issues regarding GP training


GP funding

  • Short term:
    • Government needs face saving options.
    • Possibly look at a shorter freeze period.
    • Best outcome would be bulk-bill and charge a co-payment.
  • Long term:
    • Do not want a return to time based items, want content based items with flexibility
    • For general practice we need to look at measuring outcomes for self-improvement, but also looking at better decision support in terms of quality pathology and radiology.

ACTION: UGPA to release media statement on Medicare rebate freeze. Statement should address the impact on quality care and business structure (related to access for patients), as well as the disincentive on young doctors.


Reform of Federation White Paper

  • Keep a watching brief on this.
  • UGPA could potentially look at a joint response in future following release of Green paper.


Primary Health Networks (PHNs)


ACTION: Re-draft media release to welcome PHNs (once announced) and state GP groups are looking forward to working with PHNs. Media release to include reference to UGPA Principles for PHNs.


The Role of Pharmacists in Primary Care

  • Delay in CSL supply has prevented general practices from delivering vaccinations.
  • Pharmacies are able to supply vaccines because they have a private contract. The delay relates to the national program only.
  • Pharmacists delivering vaccines will result in fragmentation of patient care.
  • Work with the government to ensure that this does not happen again.

ACTION: RACGP and AMA to draft a media statement on pharmacists delivering vaccines


Red tape

  • Held for next meeting


Bowel cancer screening involving General Practice

  • Bowel screening program is currently targets everyone over 50
  • UGPA should push for a more efficient bowel screening program
  • Rather than targeting everyone over 50, GPs can play a role in better targeting those who haven’t been screened


Referrals to specialist and referrals for pathology and radiology

  • Held for next meeting


Next UGPA meeting

  • Next meeting needs to be moved ACTION: New date to be advised as soon as possible