21 August 2014

Outcomes Statement for meeting held on 21 August 2014



Description and actions


Co-payment update

  • UGPA welcomes the progress made by AMA in putting the proposal to government, which addresses several of the concerns raised by the profession and consumer groups more broadly.
  • UGPA to write to Minister Dutton to suggest mechanism for consultation process moving forward.
  • UGPA media release “General practice leaders welcome progress on alternate co-payment model” (21 August 2014)
  • UGPA media release “More to general practice than co-payments” (21 August 2014)


Chronic Disease Funding

  • With a growing body of evidence around the different funding models to support general practice in managing chronic disease, UGPA will call on the government to take a holistic approach to GP funding and the health system more broadly.
  • UGPA to develop a position statement.


Private Health Networks (PHNs) – UGPA draft letter

  • Send PHNs letter to Minister Dutton, Senator Nash and Department.


Management and Governance of GP Training

  • UGPA to reach agreement on principles at Convention.


The Medical Home - best model for patient care and best model for GP training

  • UGPA media release expressing concern about lack of reference to quality general practice in the development of health policy, and quality underpinning health policy going forward.


Policy or procedure for disseminating UGPA action items

  • UGPA to issue a communique after each meeting
  • The communique to form the first item on the agenda of the next meeting as an action log
  • UGPA to consider the need for a webpage at the next meeting which would include UGPA media releases, submissions/letters, and outcomes statements


Next meeting

  • 7 October 2014 at RACGP SA/NT Faculty boardroom, College House, 15 Gover Street, North Adelaide


Other business RDAA Media Release

  • UGPA media release “GP leaders urge reform on after-hours funding” (22 August 2014)