Collaboration of GPs and pharmacists will better support patient care

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4 December 2015

At a meeting last week in Sydney, Australia’s general practice leaders recommended the integration of non-dispensing pharmacists working within GP-led teams be trialled in Australia.

Members of United General Practice Australia (UGPA) have re-affirmed their support for increased collaboration between non-dispensing pharmacists and GPs, citing international evidence suggesting that integration as part of a GP-led team could lead to improved patient outcomes and better coordination of care.

UGPA members, as a first step to broader implementation, recommended the concept be trialled and robustly evaluated in the Australian context to get the model right and maximise the potential benefits for patients.

Incorporation of non-dispensing pharmacists as part of the general practice team has the potential to improve prescribing and the use of medicines, reduce polypharmacy through deprescribing, reduce hospital admissions from adverse drug events, and ultimately deliver better health outcomes for patients.

The addition of pharmacists in general practice would be designed to make the best use of the skills that pharmacists can bring to a patient’s care, while working within a GP-led team of health professionals.

UGPA rejected the suggestion that pharmacists should be able to prescribe medication, highlighting the inherent conflict of interest that this proposal involves.

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