Appropriately funded Health Care Homes is an opportunity too good to miss

Advocacy UGPA Media releases Appropriately funded Health Care Homes is an opportunity too good to miss

1 September 2016

United General Practice Australia (UGPA) has called on the Federal Government to adequately fund the Health Care Homes pilot project or risk losing an historic opportunity to transform the nation’s healthcare system for the better. UGPA said that the profession is ready to work closely with the new Government on this important project, at a time when the Government is seeking to rebuild its relationship with general practice.

Australia faces severe challenges with an ageing population, the spread of chronic diseases and multi-morbidity. UGPA believes general practice has the right governance in place, meaning a properly supported Health Care Home will address the challenges facing Australia and bolster access to the delivery of high-quality care, ensuring each patient has a stable and ongoing relationship with a general practice that provides comprehensive care to people at all life-stages.

UPGA calls on the Federal Government to work closely with the States to get them onboard with Health Care Homes as the benefits of such collaboration will benefit all communities the length and breadth of the country.

With the expansion of the healthcare team within the Health Care Home, UGPA also believes there is also an opportunity to explore the role of non-dispensing clinical pharmacists as part of the model.

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