Framework for the collection, release, use and publication of voluntary Indigenous identifier data

Last updated 8 December 2022


Date: 29 January 2021

Since 2002, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been able to have their status recorded confidentially on a database called the Voluntary Indigenous Identifier (VII). The Framework for the Collection, Release, Use and Publication of Voluntary Indigenous Identifier Data is a set of guidelines that direct how VII data is collected and used.

Key issues highlighted in the submission include:

  • Indigenous data sovereignty needs to be embedded throughout the Framework.
  • It needs to be made clearer what is the purpose/use of this dataset and how it differs to identifying via other means.
  • Researchers and data users must be more clearly informed about the different uses of the various data sets
  • Explanations about the collection and use of the data should not just come from the government but should be shared via communities and ACCHOs.