Submission to the ANAO audit of the Closing the Gap Strategy


Date: 25 September 2018

The RACGP provided a submission to the Australian National Audit Office’s (ANAO) audit of the Closing the Gap Strategy.

Closing the Gap is the national strategy established to address Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage, through seven national targets across the key areas of health, education and employment. The ANAO audit is to assess the effectiveness of the arrangements for monitoring, evaluating and reporting progress towards Closing the Gap.

The RACGP’s submission highlights concerns with the data governance, reporting and evaluation arrangements, particularly regarding the lack of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in decision making. The submission also draws on some of the key recommendations from the Close the Gap Steering Committee’s 10 Year Review released in March 2018.

Read the full submission

RACGP Submission to the ANAO Closing the Gap audit (PDF 532 KB)