Submission to the Department of Health on the electronic health records healthcare identifiers legislation discussion Paper


Date: 24 June 2015

The RACGP welcomes the commitment made by the Government in its 2015-16 budget to strengthen the national e-health system and support the continued development of the PCEHR.

There are well identified issues with the current PCEHR model that require meaningful engagement between the Federal Government and the healthcare sector in order for these issues to be addressed effectively and for the PCEHR to be adopted. It is our view that the ongoing work program should focus on:

  • the core clinical documents relevant to general practice (Shared Health Summary and Event Summary)
  • medicines reconciliation
  • point-to-point communication (interoperable Secure Message Delivery).

These are the core clinical value propositions for GPs and other clinicians and provide the platform for continuing engagement with the clinical community.