2019 Federal Election

Advocacy 2019 Federal Election

Ask your local candidate about how they plan to support general practice.

What to ask your local candidate this federal election: 

Not sure who your candidate is? Visit the Australian Electoral Commission website to find information on your electorate and local candidates. 

Your local candidates will be campaigning in your community in the lead up to the Federal Election. Use the opportunity to meet them and ask what they will do to ensure a visit to the GP is affordable for everyone.


Why are we running this campaign?

General Practice is Australia’s most accessed form of healthcare, with nearly 90% of all Australians visiting their GP each year. Despite this, funding for general practice represents only 7.4% of total government health expenditure including federal, state and local government expenditure.
The RACGP is calling for all parties to put politics aside and demonstrate a genuine commitment to the health of all Australians by investing in high-quality and accessible general practice services, so patients can see their GP when they need to, not when they can afford to.

Download our election statement.

Key issues this election

Watch the videos below to see how increasing patient rebates, introducing telehealth services, and investing in high-quality and accessible general practice will improve your access to healthcare.


Medicare rebate increase
By freezing the rebate you receive from Medicare when you see a doctor means that the real value is lower than ever. More Australians are paying extra to see their GP due to successive governments not supporting general practice.
Restoring patient rebates to their real value will help rebuild a strong Medicare and improve access and health outcomes for all Australians.


Telehealth services
Not every Australian has access to their GP due to geographical or situational circumstances. This is why GPs want to be able to provide care via email, phone or video call. 
This election, ask your local candidates to support GP telehealth services so your GP can provide your care when and where it is convenient for you.




Spread the call

The RACGP has developed materials to help spread the call to make the health of all Australian’s the priority this election.

Materials include posters for your practice or office, social media banners, emails signatures, and the RACGP  video for you to share. Expand the arrows below to access these resources and then click on each image to download to your local device.


download zip


Raise awareness

Policy change will only occur through sustained and united pressure from GPs and their patients.


The RACGP has developed several resources available for download (below) to support you in speaking to your local MP and candidates.


download zip

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