Sponsor an activity, product or event

The RACGP is the respected national leader in setting and maintaining the standards for quality practice, education, training and research in Australian general practice.

In furthering its role, the RACGP conducts a range of activities and has a variety of relationships with other organisations. These activities range from policy development to the delivery of products and services to general practitioners, registrars and others.

Commercial organisations often seek to be involved in RACGP activities or more generally in general practice through sponsorship of educational products, activities and other events.

The RACGP also actively seeks out relationships with others in recognition of the benefits such relationships bring in the achievement of the RACGPs purpose.

Those benefits may include:

  • Unifying the profession through relationships with like minded groups;
  • Enabling a stronger advocacy voice in association with others;
  • Enhancing the RACGPs credibility with other parties;
  • Providing financial and human resources to support RACGP activities;
  • Providing skills and capabilities that the RACGP does not possess; and
  • Providing additional membership services.