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Why did you choose General Practice?

“Firstly, I get the privilege of helping people throughout different stages of their lives, which at times includes their most vulnerable or lowest point in their life. It is a humbling experience to be given the opportunity to experience the ups and downs with my patients, and help them through this journey, that we call life.”

“Secondly, I enjoy the breadth of medicine that GP can offer. It is like no other specialty, where every day is different and unpredictable. It’s what keeps me interested, excited and motivated to keep doing what I do.”

“Lastly, I love being in a field of medicine where it is constantly growing and evolving. I feel that change is what we need to keep improving ourselves, and it means I get to experience life-long learning.”

What were the main factors that influenced your decision?

“There were two main influencers. Having work life balance was important to me as I didn’t want any after hours or on-call work longer term. I can see that GP will offer me flexibility in the hours I work. Another important factor was being in a training program that offers support during training and exam support.”

What do you enjoy most about being a GP registrar?

“There are lots of things I enjoy about being a GP registrar including the chance to learn and practice medicine with the support of supervisor / other colleagues, being able to build my experience and knowledge with my special interests and being able to see the impact of my work on my patients’ health outcomes.”
“I have also enjoyed being a Registrar Liaison Officer for EVGPT.”

What does the future hold for you?

“I plan in working in Metropolitan Melbourne once I complete my training and achieve Fellowship. I hope to continue my special interests in women’s health and skin cancer medicine to meet the needs of my community.”
“I would love to work in medical education as a medical educator as it would be a humbling opportunity to pass on my experience and knowledge through teaching of medical students and registrars.”

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