Examining the steps to becoming a GP qualified for unsupervised practise in Australia helps define training needs at each stage of the path to becoming a competent GP.

Prior to entering general practice vocational training, medical practitioners will already have had many years of training by a range of individuals, organisations and institutions. A uniform general practice curriculum from the earliest stage of medical education helps support trainers. This forms a solid foundation for general practice training.

Learning life stages

There are three key stages in the learning life of the GP

  1. Pre-general practice
  2. General practice under supervision
  3. General practice – lifelong learning

The outcomes and criteria listed for each of the 3 stages are designed for that particular stage and recognise that competence and mastery take time and are often incremental. The assumption is that each stage leads to the next and that the second and third stages incorporate what was covered and learned in the one or ones before it. 

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RACGP Curriculum for Australian General Practice - 2016.

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