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Faculty Elections

Faculty Boards

The RACGP faculties are established by the RACGP Constitution, and governed by the Faculty Regulations. Faculties exist as advisory bodies to RACGP Council, and to represent members’ interests. There is a faculty for each state and territory, and three national faculties dealing with specific member focuses.

Each faculty is governed by its Board, which is the representative advisory committee for continuing professional development, education, training, quality care, research and general practice advocacy within the faculty.

With the exception of RACGP Specific Interests, which is governed by its own charter, Faculty Boards have similar composition and election requirements.

Faculty Board composition

Each Faculty Board consists of three member types:

a. elected members
b. ex officio members, and
c. co-opted members.

Elected members have a seat on the Faculty Board pursuant to the Faculty’s elections (see below). The usual the term for elected members is two years. Approximately half of the elected members retire each year, however are eligible for re-election for an unlimited number of terms.  

Ex officio members sit on the Faculty Board by virtue of holding another office. For example, the Provost are appointed to that role within the RACGP, and are then entitled to sit on the Faculty Board because of it. Their entitlement to remain on the Board ends with their office.

Co-opted members sit on the Faculty Board pursuant to Faculty Board appointment. The term for co-opted members continues until the close of the next Faculty Member Meeting. The number of co-opted members must not exceed one third the total Faculty Board, or one half, for RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. Co-opted Faculty Board members have the same rights and privileges as other Faculty Board members.

Valid nominees for elected Faculty Board positions

Certain pre-requisites must be met to be a valid nominee for an elected position. The nominee must have their nomination supported by two eligible Faculty members, and each of the nominee and their nominators must also be:

a. eligible to vote (that is, are Fellows, Members or, in the case of nominators, Registrar Associates)
b. predominantly working or ordinarily residing in the relevant electorate, and
c. in the case of the RACGP Rural, predominantly working or ordinarily residing in an area considered rural or remote.

Faculty Board office bearers

Each Faculty Board must elect its office bearers from among its members. Predominant among these are the Chair and Deputy Chair positions.

The Faculty Board Chair is elected at the first Faculty Board meeting following the Faculty Member Meeting in which the former Chair retired (no later than one month prior to the RACGP Annual General Meeting), or whenever the Board does not otherwise have a Chair. Chairs ordinarily hold office until the close of the second Annual General Meetings following their election. Chairs automatically become an RACGP Councillor (RACGP director).

Faculty Board Deputy Chairs are elected at the first Faculty Board meeting following the Faculty Member Meeting. Deputy Chairs hold office on and from their election until the conclusion of the next Faculty Member Meeting.

Elections overview

Each Faculty has a capped number of elected Board members. Depending on the Faculty’s designation, elections are either:

a. Faculty Wide Elections
b. Regional Representation Elections, or
c. a hybrid of these.

Faculty Wide Elections operate within the entirety of the Faculty, where Board member positions (also known as ‘general members’) are elected from across the Faculty.

Regional Representation Elections operate within designated regional electorates, and Board member positions are elected per electorate. Faculty electorate boundaries may reflect the old Medicare Local or Commonwealth electorate boundaries, whereas RACGP Rural for example, uses the state/territory Faculty borders as boundaries.

A Ballot (election) will be held only if the number of valid nominations exceeds the available positions in each region (Faculty or electorate). Standard preference voting is used to determine outcomes, and those nominees with the most preference votes, up to the number of vacant elected Board positions for the relevant region, are elected to the Faculty Board.

Eligibility to vote

In accordance with the RACGP’s Constitution, only Fellows, Members and Registrar Associates are entitled to participate in Ballots of members of the RACGP.

Associate and Affiliate members are not entitled to participate in Ballots of members of the RACGP. Please contact the RACGP if you are unsure of your membership category.

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