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Validated patient feedback questionnaires

Most practices prefer to use a validated questionnaire because it is less time consuming, resource intensive, as well as more cost effective than developing a practice-specific patient feedback tool. This is because providers of the validated questionnaires will:

  • provide the practice with advice on how to administer the tool to patients;
  • provide explanatory material for patients and practice staff on undertaking patient feedback;
  • calculate the number of questionnaires needed for the practice;
  • collate and analyse the practice’s questionnaire data; and
  • provide a report to the practice summarising their patients’ feedback.

The carefully developed RACGP-approved questionnaires are in line with best available evidence and scientific knowledge about questionnaire development and administration. The questionnaires have been to ensure they measure patient experiences in a reliable way. Providers offering these questionnaires will also collate and analyse your patients’ responses and provide your practice with a report of the results.

Practices can select the most suitable RACGP-approved validated questionnaire from the following list:

Insync’s Patient Satisfaction Instrument (PSI)
Freecall 1800 143 733

cfep Survey’s Patient Accreditation Improvement Survey (PAIS)
(07) 3855 2093

Press Ganey Associates
(07) 5560 7400

SEHPA Patient Feedback Survey
(available to practices within the Cities of Casey and Greater Dandenong and the Shire of Cardinia within Victoria)
(03) 8792 1900

Practices wishing to use a validated questionnaire should contact these providers to discuss the process of patient feedback and then determine which questionnaire best suits their practice.

The RACGP does not gain any financial benefits from these providers. A small administration fee is charged by the RACGP to review applications for approval of validated questionnaires. The approved questionnaires are not ranked in comparison to one another. Practices may also be able to discuss with these providers the possibility of adding questions to these questionnaires where the practice wishes to seek further information on specific issues of interest.

For organisations wishing to develop a validated patient feedback questionnaire for consideration by the RACGP, please contact to discuss the process and receive the relevant documentation.

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